Tillandsia Juncea


Tillandsia Juncea


∆ Tillandsia juncea is a grass like airplant with straight upright fine leaves

∆ Approx 17" 


  • Place Air Plants in medium to bright, indirect light. Protect your plant from too much direct sun, and from temperatures below 50 and above 90 degrees. 
  • Air plants thrive in humid climates, and love weekly misting, especially when kept in bright spaces.  Submerge the entire plant in room temperature water once a month for 10 - 20 minutes.  After soaking, shake excess water from the plant and set it upside-down on a cloth or paper-towel in a bright spot to promote drying. Take care to ensure your air plant dries fully, ideally within four hours. 
  • Mist directly in aeriums weekly to create a humid environment around the plant. Give mounted air plants a thorough weekly misting.
  • To encourage blooming, use an epiphytic fertilizer. 
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