Wol Hide Felted Slippers


Wol Hide Felted Slippers


∆ Brand: Wol Hide

∆ Hand loomed in Philadelphia

∆ Double layer felted slip on slippers 

∆ Content:

  • outside: 50% mohair  50% black sheep wool
  • inside: 70% fine merino wool  30% mohair

∆ S/M measures 11" long

∆ M/L measures 12" long

∆ Made with yarn sourced from a Pennsylvania based company who works with domestic farmers including themselves who meet their high standards of producing wool and mohair that is certified as humanely, sustainably, and responsibly produced, processed, and manufactured. The yarns are all blends of mohair, merino and black sheep. The colors are natural and there is no chemical processing. 

∆ Photo by Wol Hide

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