At Home // Cluney Photo


My very dear friend & favorite photographer, Mark Cluney from Cluney Photography took photos of me around our house + barn. It's a rare thing for me to let anyone other than my husband or best friend take my photo but when someone as talented as Mark Cluney asks to take your photo... you just don't say no. Just a little history, I met Mark & his wife Angela back in 2011 for our engagement photos. They were my first two Missoula friends & have become family over the years. Without him & our 20+ photoshoots together, my first business RoseVintage would have never been the success that it was. Back then I was starstruck by his talent but after watching his photography journey over these last 5 years, I'm jaw to floor amazed. He is truly a mastermind behind the lens. If you're looking for a photographer that can capture real emotions & light, he's your guy.