Meet the maker // Alexz Sandoval of Bird Trouble


I'm so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Alexz Sandoval. She is seriously the most inspiring person and maker... ever. In fact, while brainstorming Grain she was the very first maker I thought of. Bird Trouble is a one person show, Alexz does everything from designing to hand dying her sustainably sourced leather to searching the globe for beautiful textiles to hand stitching & hammering her beautiful pieces. She is the definition of a craftsman. She created a beautiful collection special for Grain, you can find her pieces in shop now!

Who are you & what do you do?
Hey Grain lovers! I'm Alexz Sandoval. I'm the founder, designer, and maker for Bird Trouble Bags. I am currently residing in my home city of Chicago IL with my fun best dude friend and my dog, Tylerdude.

What inspires you?
Life is inspiring. I like to travel outside of cities to admire the organic colors, shapes, and natural material that make up our world. I'm most calm when I travel. I also love being fully engulfed in a great music album to create a setting that is best time for me to draw and write in... I can create a setting where ever I'm at, at home or on the road, like my own personal meditation bubble. While I travel, I always carry one notebook to write and draw on each page, one after another and even the backsides. Once I'm ready to start designing new goods, I'll go through my pages because I know that they inspire me the most. The way the colors, shapes, and words come out in my designs bring me back to that personal meditation bubble I love.

Do you have a "special place", if so where?
I can't choose one special place! It's so hard, but I can tell you my current special places, though it's impossible for me to go to them often. 1) A waterfall in Ajijic, Mexico. 2) San Pancho beach in Mexico. 3) An abandoned town in Colorado called Gilman. 4) The drive next to monotonous midwest cornfields.

Favorite food?
Food made at home, from scratch, with love. :)

You live & grew up in Chicago, you must know of tons of gems... if we only had 24 hours in the city together, where would you take me?
Away from the city! I'd have you bring comfy shoes so we can go hiking around Starved Rock, we'd stop and sit in the trees for breakfast, then we'd go to a small town diner for lunch, estate sale hunting in the cornfield country for the afternoon, then back to the city to watch the sunset go down at a pier off by Montrose beach.

Name three songs you can't get enough of?
To rattle your day up with a little metal... listen to, Red Fang!!!! 
For when you are in love with a moment... The War On Drugs - Burning
Because it turns my frown upside down each time... Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On