Fall Gathering


Last Sunday we had a little get together in our barn + backyard in celebration of my favorite season, Fall. Old & new friends gathered around a fire with a big pot of cider, homemade baked goods, pour overs by Hygge Coffee and live music. Gerygone & Twig (who also played our grand opening party) and the incredible Bryan Wood sung sweet sweet melodies. While listening to the beautiful tunes, sipping cider & dipping my cinnamon sugar donut in it... I felt an incredibly warm feeling of "home" + nostalgia. There's something about that crisp air mixed with the hot cider and donut that transport me back to the midwest where I grew up. The Erie Apple Orchard in Michigan will forever be one of my most favorite places on earth. For the Fall Gathering I was able to bring those happy midwest vibes directly to my Montana backyard. Oh Fall, please don't go.