Fall Detox


We recently had the pleasure of hosting our very first workshop, the Fall Detox. A day of women + yoga + soup to detoxify our bodies and minds for vata season. June West led us through a grounding yoga practice followed by a quick massage with arnica oil June made herself. Then we shared a big pot of ayurvedic soup (recipe). The day was designed to balance the body using the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. 

Photos by Rio Chantel

You can purchase the arnica oil June made on her website or in our shop


Let it all hang out


For this shoot I was inspired by women coming together and feeding off of each others creative energy. Gathering these women on a Saturday morning into The Atlantic with plates full of Tandem donuts, coffee and organic undies did exactly that. Creative energy overflow! The Atlantic was originally a hotel in the 70s and became an artists colloquium shortly after. Artists and musicians have occupied the rooms for 30+ years, some of Missoula's best. 

All of these women are working creatively in Missoula. Crista Ames is a ceramist, you can see her work at The Clay Studio, The Radius and Grain, June West is a musician and artist, you can listen to her music here, Daphne Sweet is an artist, you can see her work on IG @dgaphne and Rachel Patrie is a musician and plays the drums in Missoula's best new band, Fantasy Suite, she is also the Alternative Music Program Director of the ZACC

 Photographer: The amazing Rio Chantel, Rio grew up in Idaho where she went to school for public relations and creative writing. She's currently living in Missoula where she's working with several brands helping with social media, product development and photos. I've worked with her a few times over the last couple months and couldn't be happier with the results. She captures exactly what I'm dreaming of. If you are looking for a photographer or help with social media I couldn't recommend her more. You can follow her on IG at @riochantel

Products: Pansy Bra & Underwear, vintage denim, Fat & the Moon adornments, Laurel Hill jewelry & June West t-shirt

Listen while viewing: 


Vibrations + Harmonic Overtones


We now have hand hammered brass singing bowls! The vibrations and harmonic overtones from the singing bowl create a relaxing atmosphere and can aid in quieting the mind. When the mind and body are at peace, healing can occur at a a deep level. Singing bowls are of great aid in meditation, yoga, sound healing, Reiki, and music therapy. The bowl is played by either striking the bowl gently, or by rubbing the mallet continuously against the rim of the bowl in a circular motion.

Find them in our vibes section


At Home // Cluney Photo


My very dear friend & favorite photographer, Mark Cluney from Cluney Photography took photos of me around our house + barn. It's a rare thing for me to let anyone other than my husband or best friend take my photo but when someone as talented as Mark Cluney asks to take your photo... you just don't say no. Just a little history, I met Mark & his wife Angela back in 2011 for our engagement photos. They were my first two Missoula friends & have become family over the years. Without him & our 20+ photoshoots together, my first business RoseVintage would have never been the success that it was. Back then I was starstruck by his talent but after watching his photography journey over these last 5 years, I'm jaw to floor amazed. He is truly a mastermind behind the lens. If you're looking for a photographer that can capture real emotions & light, he's your guy.


Christmas Tree Hunt // Reed Klass


The other day we took our old Ford, who we recently named Clark, up highway 12 to search for the not so perfect tree. Just when we almost gave up on the first spot where all the trees were either too large or tiny, there our beautiful tree was, standing in the snowy forest in all its glory. It spoke to us, she said "I'm yours". We lugged her back to the truck where my cozy Wol Hide slippers awaited my cold toes. Ahh, what a great Montana day in the mountains.

Photos by Reed Klass


Grain Pop-up // Zootown Brew


Missoula friends, we've popped up for the month of December at our favorite local coffee shop, Zootown Brew. We curated a small table of holiday cards & gifts for all your holiday shopping needs! The other day when I stopped in to restock, the beautiful Grace Lindgren snapped some photos of me & the goods. I love visiting Zootown because the people that work there are all incredibly kind & the vibes are really good. They also make the best latte & london fog in town if I do say so myself. Stop in & say hi sometime soon!

Photos by Grace Lindgren


Fall Gathering


Last Sunday we had a little get together in our barn + backyard in celebration of my favorite season, Fall. Old & new friends gathered around a fire with a big pot of cider, homemade baked goods, pour overs by Hygge Coffee and live music. Gerygone & Twig (who also played our grand opening party) and the incredible Bryan Wood sung sweet sweet melodies. While listening to the beautiful tunes, sipping cider & dipping my cinnamon sugar donut in it... I felt an incredibly warm feeling of "home" + nostalgia. There's something about that crisp air mixed with the hot cider and donut that transport me back to the midwest where I grew up. The Erie Apple Orchard in Michigan will forever be one of my most favorite places on earth. For the Fall Gathering I was able to bring those happy midwest vibes directly to my Montana backyard. Oh Fall, please don't go. 


Grand Opening Party


Our grand opening party was a huge success, even in the rain! Local folk band, Gerygone & Twig played in the garden.. their sound is truly magical. If you're not already a super fan like me, I highly recommend giving them a listen. I had a moment while sitting at my desk looking around at all the beautiful humans, shopping, laughing & vibing... I thought to myself "wow, I did this."  

Over the weekend we'll be sharing more photos from a few local photographers. See you then!

All my love, Sam