Good Vibe Oil


Good Vibe Oil


∆ Brand: Moon Rivers Naturals

∆ Handmade in Hawkins, TX

∆ This Good vibe oil is the answer to your "i'm in a funk" worries. The delightful folks at Moon Rivers Naturals created a blend of organic flowers, herbs, pure quartz crystals, and essential oils to give you an elixir that not only provides you with a pleasant aroma but also will encourage positive vibes throughout your day. Just add a few drops to your finger tips and rub on your temples, back, feet, and neck.

∆ Vegan 

∆ .5 oz 

∆ Ingredients: Olive*, Safflower (non-gmo), Jojoba, Lavender petals*, Cornflowers*, Chamomile*, Lavender EO, Patchouli EO, Sweet Orange EO, Peppermint EO, Vitamin E (Non-GMO), Pure Quartz Crystal.

∆ These essential oils also have been known to aid with depression and anxiety. 

∆ Photo by Moon Rivers Naturals

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